Beth A. Bishop CNWI CPDT-KA
Beth has been training since 1991. In 2000 she formed Canine Coaches LLC in Bath MI and teaches a variety of classes. Beth attended her first K9 Nose Work® camp in in 2011 and became hooked. She completed the requirements to become a certified Nose Work trainer in 2013. She currently teaches 8 to 12 classes per week and has students from beginning to Elite. She is indebted to her students and their dogs for her nose work education. 
When not teaching she finds time to work her own dogs in nose work and squeeze in some other activities (agility, rally, obedience, tracking). 

There is so much to love about Nose work: teaching us about dogs and their world, seeing the dogs’ passion for the activity, allowing us to give up some control to the dog, watching the relationship and teamwork develop between dog and handler, and the camaraderie between people working nose work together.